Hash Marks


Hash Marks


Hash Marks

Hash markings guide you through trail. They let you know if your trail is true, if beer is near, if you've been fucked and many other hints to let you know ... well, if you're lost basically. Remember, only trust True Trail!


True Trail Arrow

An arrow with three straight lines is the True Trail sign. This means you're going the right way!


True trail floUr

Three flour dots in a row is also known as True Trail. This also means you're going the right way!


Half arrow (HARROW)

This harrow is the first sign of the True Trail arrow. This means that you might be going the right way. Three of these in a row is equal to True Trail, but if you only see this and nothing else for a while, you might be going the wrong way!



When you see this, that means trail can go in any direction within 369 degrees! Spread out and find the next hash mark to find the right way. 


Hash Songs

Hash Songs

Hash Songs

So Beautiful

Why Were You Born So Beautiful
Why were you born at all
You're no fucking use to anyone
You're no fucking use at all
You may be a joy to your mother
But you're a pain in the asshole to me

Meet the Hashers

Hashers Meet the Hashers
We're the biggest drunks in history
From the, town of _______
We're the leaders in debauchery
Half minds, trailing shaggy through the years
Watch us, as we drink a lot of beers

Drink A Beer

Drink a beer
Belch out loud
Belch out clear
Drink of good times, we run
Drink of plenty, not one

Drink the brew
Down it quickly, this beer we give you
Don't worry that it's not good enough
For anyone else to down
Just drink
Drink it down, down, down…..

True Blue

Here's to ______ (s)he's true blue
He's a hasher through and through
He's a pisspot so they say
Tried to get to heaven but he went the other way

Drink it down down down….

(if hasher takes too long) Why are we waiting
Could be masturbating (fornicating) (figure skating) (finger painting)
Why are we waiting so fu- cking long.
Why are we waiting could be masturbating…….

At the Ball Game

Whip It Out At The Ball Game
Wave it round at the crowd
Dip it in jello and crackerjacks
I don't care if you give it a whack
Cuz it's beat your meat at the ball game
If you don't come it's a shame
It's one, two, you're covered in goo
At the old ball game

Consider Yourself 

Consider yourself, on home
Consider yourself, one of the harriers
We've taken to you so, strong
It's clear, we're going to get along

Consider yourself, Virgin
Considerer yourself, part of festivities
Just grab up that mug, don't fear
And drink. Up. Or you will wear your beer.

Shitty Trail

S-H-I-T-T-Y (or s-h-i-g-g-y) T-R-A-I-L
Shitty trail, shitty trail.
The hares laid another shitty trail.
I would rather drink my beer (fuck my girl) (show my tits) (insert here)

Does A Hasher? 

Does a Hasher like to walk
Does a hasher like to run
Does a hasher like to be where they're having all the fun?
Can he drink a 12 ounce beer
While his friends all sing and cheer
Now your time has come

Fuck A Duck

Fuck a Duck, a female duck
Screw a baby kangaroo
Finger0bang an orangutan
Let an elephant do you

Feel the penis of an eel
Whack! the asshole of a yak
Masturbate with a gnu
And that will bring us back to
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…


Head? Who said Head?
I'll take some of that
And I did. And it was good.
And there was much rejoicing.
And then we fucked
We fucked for hours
Uprooting trees and shrubs
and flowers and shit
We fucked again.
This time like Vikings
With horns upon our head
Head? Who said Head…


Here's to Brother (Sister) Hasher
Brother hasher, brother hasher
Here's to brother hasher may he chug-a-lug
He's happy, he's jolly, he's fucked up by golly
Here's to brother hasher may he chug-a-lug
Drink bitch! Drink bitch!...


We've got virgins, we've got virgins
At our hash, at our hash
Gonna get 'em drunked up, gonna get 'em fucked up
Down the hatch, drink it down, down, down….

Glorious Victorious

Glorious, Victorious
Drunk last night
Drunk the night before
And I'm gonna get drunk tonight
Like I've never been drunk before
And when I'm drunk
I'm as happy as can be
'Cause I am a part of the Hasher family

Singing Glorious Victorious
One keg of beer for the four of us
Singing Glory be to God
That there are no more of us
Cause one of us could drink it all alone
Damn near, pass the beer to the rear of the Hash House

Behavior Guidelines and Disciplinary Policy

Behavior Guidelines

Behavior Guidelines and Disciplinary Policy

Behavior Guidelines

The Charlotte Hash House Harriers want to create a responsive and proactive structure to ensure a safe environment for all hashers so all hashers can have fun and drink beer (or the beverage of their choice) without fear. We are here to promote a culture of safety. 

Sexual violence in any form will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, any non-consensual sexual conduct; both verbal and physical threats, harassment, and abuse; and non-consensual photography and sharing. 

Consent is mutual, informed, specific, freely given, and reversible, and it is fucking required. No means no; the absence of “no” is not consent; someone who is severely incapacitated cannot consent; if someone changes their mind, respect their choice; and if you are unsure, ask, and respect the individual response. 

Physical violence, stealing and vandalism are not acceptable in any forms and will not be tolerated. 

If you choose to exercise your legal right to carry firearms on trail/circle/other hash events, you forfeit drinking. 

MM wants all hashers to enjoy the beverage and/or substance of their choice, however, if you are driving under the influence and endangering other peoples’ lives, you may be asked/told not attend hash activities. In the event that you are belligerent and not allowing MM or other concerned persons to keep you from driving, we may ask/tell you to not come back. 

If external drama, threats, bullying or general bafoonery are hurting and/or affecting the hash and hashers negatively, you will be talked to. If hashers are made to feel unwelcome by you rallying support or any targeted personal threats, same consequences apply. If it continues, MM will decide appropriate action up to and including permanent ban. In any event that MM feels you are causing issues, we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately. 

CH3 takes safety very seriously. If you are a named or unnamed Hasher that is actively banned from another kennel, you are also banned at CH3. Those with a history of temporary banishment from another kennel must report this to current MM prior to joining us to appropriately assess for safety. If MM is not informed and finds out after, you will be permanently banned. You may be asked to leave immediately. 

If you violate this policy: 

MM will review each case and make a joint decision based on statements from people involved and witnesses. Appropriate action up to and including permanent ban may be enforced in accordance with the Disciplinary Action Guidelines (see below). MM reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any point. Other local hashers and regional kennels will be informed at MM’s discretion depending on the severity of the offense. 

Hashing and crashing are privileges; inappropriate behavior is subject to removal from the hash and/or crash space for the day, for a period of time, or permanently at MM discretion.  

If you are a safety risk to others, you will be removed.

Disciplinary Action Guidelines

Level 1 – Automatic Permanent Ban from Charlotte H3

Level 2 – First Two instances (verified by MM of any kennel involved) each result in 3-month Ban from Charlotte H3. Third instance (verified by MM of any kennel involved) results in Permanent Ban from Charlotte H3. Each instance should be accompanied with a warning and reminder of this policy.

Level 3 – Individual is on a watch list and may be excluded from events and from the Facebook group at MM’s discretion. However, a formal Ban will not be issued unless Level 1 or Level 2 is met. Individual should be notified of this policy and placement on the list.

Notification – Level 1 must be announced to the Charlotte kennel as well as other kennels in the area for safety reasons. Level 2 and 3 will be internally documented and tracked by MM, and may be announced if there are safety concerns. The list of all banned or warned/tracked individuals may be shared with MM of other kennels.

 What constitutes each Level:

Level 1 –

·         Any incident occurring at a hash pre-lube, trail, event, or on-after that results in significant personal injury of another individual. If the injured party in this incident did not also cause significant personal injury to another individual, his/her involvement will be assessed as described in Level 2.

o   Injury is deemed significant when a lawsuit could be sought for damages (i.e. broken teeth, wounds requiring stitches, broken bones, etc.).

·         Any other incident occurring at a hash pre-lube, trail, event, or on-after which would be considered a criminal act of violence under the law (i.e. criminal threatening, destruction of property, or other similar act).

·         Sexual assault that involves forced entry or other unwelcome physical force against the victim. Physical force includes sexual acts against individuals who are unconscious or otherwise defenseless.

·         Individuals who cause others to ingest drugs/substances without their knowledge or consent, and such drugs/substances induce a blackout or unconscious state.

 *Police involvement should be encouraged in all Level 1 situations to ensure the individual is not a continued threat after the ban, and to provide evidence of the severity of the incident.*

Level 2 –

·         Any incident occurring at a hash pre-lube, trail, event, or on-after, in which MM is brought in to handle a situation before it escalates to a Level 1, including but not limited to physical altercations, aggressive unwanted sexual advances, careless handling of weapons, and instances of driving under the influence when MM deems the individual unfit to drive and alternate transportation options are made available. All parties involved in said incidents are deemed to have a Level 2 violation unless MM handling the situation asserts, based on input from all witnesses, that the individual was purely a victim and did not contribute in any way to the incident (i.e. passed out, sleeping, bystander, unprovoked attack, etc.).

Level 3 –

·         MM is informed of general hostile behavior toward others in the kennel, regardless of the timing or location behavior occurs, that is not an isolated incident. Hostile may include but is not limited to: unwelcome sexual behavior; excessive pressure to consume alcohol or drugs; defamation of character (including taking and sharing photographs without consent); and other consistent behaviors that make members feel unwelcome or unsafe at the hash in any way.

o   If evidence is presented that the behavior occurred more than once at a hash pre-lube, trail, event, or on-after, that evidence may be deemed a Level 2 incident.