You have reached the internet home of the Charlotte Hash House Harriers, the best little Hash House in the South! The CH³ have been running and drinking around the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) since 1992. 

Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia in 1938, Hashing is a mixture of athleticism, sociability, hedonism and hard work; most of all it's a refreshing break from the grind and a chance to drink beer with great friends. 

A Hash Trail is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running/walking, orienteering, and partying, where bands of Harriers and Harriettes chase hares or follow marks of flour on 2-4 mile long trails through town, the woods, fields, creeks... all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and the ever elusive Beer Stop. And no, you don't have to be a runner or a beer drinker to enjoy being on trail! Many of us are walkers and/or non-drinkers. Just think of it as a scavenger hunt for beer/water, with plenty of shenanigans to keep you motivated!