Hash History



Hash History


So, you're interested in hashing. Maybe it's because you've seen strange flour markings on roads and trails in the area (arrows, circles, and such), or you've noticed a group of people on a Saturday afternoon senselessly running around NoDa or through one of the local neighborhoods. Most likely, it's because a hasher's silver tongue convinced you to consider the sport. In any event, welcome to the Charlotte Hash House Harries (CH3). Variously described as "the lunatic fringe of running" and "the drinking club with a running problem," the Hash House Harriers are a worldwide group with hundreds of clubs in the United States.

Our premise is simple. A harrier (the hare) lays a trail of flour or biodegradable paper over a course (s)he chooses. The other harriers (the hounds) try to follow that trail to the end where we enjoy munchies and beer (or soft drinks for those disinclined to imbibe). The typical hash is 3-5 miles over hill and dale, through suburbs, woods, malls, et al. The hash isn't a race - no prizes to the swift, and in fact, some of the hounds walk the entire trail. Staying on the trail is the challenge, camaraderie and beverages are the rewards.

Important Dates in History

September, 1938 - The Hash House Harriers were founded at the Selangor Club (aka the Hash House) in Kuala Lumpur, British Malaya by one Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert. 

July18th, 1992 - Hornets Nest HHH run number 1. The Charlotte Hash is born. Founded by Fleet Strider. Hash was at 3pm at Providence Sq. Shopping Center. 8 Hashers and 2 hares.

August 2nd,1992 - Blow Pop's first Hash at trail #2. He thinks he was at #1 but the records say otherwise.

August 8th, 1993 - Tom "Ice Princess" Barto becomes Joint Master, Fred "HLA Moose" Vohwinkel becomes RA. CH3's first AGM

January 9th, 1994 - Hash re-named Charlotte Hash House Harriers. New Logo adopted. Hash #41.

February 13th, 1994 - Virgin Hardy makes first run with CH3. As Peter Extension, he would later go on to found the Upstate(SC)HHH in Greenville, SC.

May 15th, 1994 - Blow Pops hares the 50th Charlotte Hash.

Oct. 9th, 1994 - Hash #69

Oct. 22nd, 1994 - Hash #71 is also the first ever Hippie Hash in Boone. There would be 3 more Hippie Hashes in Boone before the franchise dies. 

May 7th, 1995 - Charlotte Hash #100, hared by Crotch Shot, soon to be How Nice.

Nov. 5th, 1995 - The Webfoot 900th memorial Hash, at the CH3's run #129

July25th, 1998 - Charlotte H3 hosts the 5th Anal NC/SC Intercourse uptown at the Ascot Inn. "Feel the Pleasure of the Unseen Elegance!"

April 25th, 1999 - Just Tom, later to become High Balls, hashes with CH3 for the first time at Uranus' 1st ever Cum-I-Want-To-Lay-Ya, Hawaii Theme Hash. CH3 Hash #294. 

Jun. 13th, 1999 - Hash number 300! at Lake Quake.

Mar. 9th, 2001 - First trail of the Carolina Moon Hash House Harriers. Our first splinter hash runs bi-weekly at night. Founded by Penguin Fucker. Quickly dies.

June 9th, 2001 - Charlotte Hash #400 brings an uptown Pub Crawl and Hash.

Jan 5th, 2002 - Charlotte Hash #427, annual Red Dress Run

Jun. 21st, 2003 - Charlotte Hash #500, Another milestone is reached with all our friends joining in the celebration out by the lake on Copperhead Island. 

Dec. 31, 2016 - Charlotte Hash #1000!

Other Significant Years in Hash History

1938: Kuala Lumpur HHH (Mother Hash) founded
1962: Singapore HHH founded
1967: Dhekelia HHH - first hash in Europe
1967: Sydney HHH - first Hash in Australia
1971: Fort Eustis HHH - first Hash in North America (also claimed by Washington DC HHH and to a lesser extent by Little Rock. At issue is continuous operation)
1971: Westcombe Park HHH - first Hash in UK
1973: KL HHH 1500th run - 35 other Hashes "known" to exist
1977: 90 Hashes known in 35 countries
1984: Harrier International founded
1986: 555 Hashes known in 85 countries
1988: 700 Hashes known in 125 countries
1997: 1470 Active Hashes known in 184 countries with 100,000 hashers