Hash Marks

Hash markings guide you through trail. They let you know if your trail is true, if beer is near, if you've been fucked and many other hints to let you know ... well, if you're lost basically. Remember, only trust True Trail!


True Trail Arrow

An arrow with three straight lines is the True Trail sign. This means you're going the right way!


True trail floUr

Three flour dots in a row is also known as True Trail. This also means you're going the right way!


Half arrow (HARROW)

This harrow is the first sign of the True Trail arrow. This means that you might be going the right way. Three of these in a row is equal to True Trail, but if you only see this and nothing else for a while, you might be going the wrong way!



When you see this, that means trail can go in any direction within 369 degrees! Spread out and find the next hash mark to find the right way.